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Our craftsmanship is at your disposal.

  • About us

    AVB B.V is a reliable partner where it concerns creating high-precision components. Our expertise, experience and machines enable us to create works within a tolerance of ± 0.01 mm. And not just one-off product, but we can repeat this as serial production as well!

    We have brought our company, which consists of three owners and an experienced team of specialists, to a higher level since 2017. In the long term, we would like to have AVB B.V. develop into a technology centre where sustainable innovation will have an even larger role. The reason is that we believe in the strength of teamwork. Not just as an AVB B.V. team but also as a team with our clients. We are convinced that our close cooperation and short lines of communication within the company contribute to the fact that we perform better as a team. Our approach means that we deliver the best results; we are not satisfied with anything less than what is best for our clients!

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  • Our way of working
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      AVB B.V. offers you full support during the design process from the initial sketch to the prototype.

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      The possibilities of versatile processing and our broad range of other services means that we are pleased to arrange for the entire production process for you.

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      In addition to the manufacture of individual components, we also arrange for their assembly.

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      Quality control

      Interim checks and final measurements guarantee the quality of the final product. AVB B.V. offers full aftercare!

  • Our team
    Jeremy Uiterweerd
    CAD/CAM programmeur
    Danny de Man
    Voorman montage
    Bjorn Gerritsen
    Montage medewerker
    Alan Major
    Project manager
    Rik Harmsen
    Project engineer
    Bjorn Heimgartner