Solid thermoform and vacuum form moulds

AVB B.V. focuses on designing, creating, adjusting and repairing all manner of thermoform and vacuum form moulds or, in other words, templates/casts. We mill these from aluminium due to the high degree of precision that can be achieved this way. After all, a solid mould that fits perfectly is important in order to be able to guarantee consistent and high-quality production. We therefore ensure that every component, from base plate to the vacuum vent, is of the highest quality and fits down to the millimetre.

Product development without errors

A mould constitutes a considerable investment. That is why AVB B.V. considers it its duty to ensure that this investment is converted into a maximum return. Our team of professionals is pleased to be involved in the design process from the very first sketch in order to realise the best possible result in a sustainable together with the customer. We give every mould, large or small, the attention it deserves. Our way of working allows us to deliver moulds that are low-maintenance, guarantee a long period of production and that can be easily adjusted to other components.